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Production of bus ducts in russia

The main area of business of the Russian Busbar Center (member of Moselectro Group of Companies) comprises production and sales of top-quality busbars and bus ducts, including the following:

Busbars are manufactured with aluminium and copper conductors, depending on the customers' preferences and target purposes. More detailed information about this equipment is available in our catalogues.

Busbar (bus duct) is a system of conduct buses in a protective highly rigid casing. Insulated cased buses are supplied to facilities in pre-fabricated sections for further installation. Bus ducts are used for electric power distribution and transmission with a given voltage.


What makes us better than our competitors?

By choosing Russian Busbar Center LLC you will be able to entrust us the whole scope of works and have no quality concerns. In a nutshell, you simply set a task and get the result:

The cost of domestic busbars and bus ducts is independent of the currency exchange rate since production is located in the Russian Federation. Absence of costs of transportation to the border and customs clearance makes the equipment price more competitive and commercially viable.

Our engineering and production potential makes it possible to manufacture electrical equipment of any degree of complexity keeping pace with state-of-the-art technologies.


The wide-range product line of busbars and bus ducts allows the customer to select the type of equipment specifically required for solving particular tasks.

Cooperation with Russian Busbar Center LLC enables you to save time for purchasing equipment since we provide packaged supplies. By purchasing our bus ducts and busbars, you will:

Busbars and bus ducts supplied by the Russian Busbar Center have all the required certificates, licences and feedback on our products.

The extensive production storage and supply facilities allow us to manufacture products for large-scale construction companies (Mon-Arch, Renaissance, Stroytransgaz, etc.), industrial enterprises (Mikhailovsky and Lebedinsky Mining and Processing Integrated Works, Sibur, etc.), oil and gas giants (Lukoil, Rosneft, etc.), power engineering holding companies (RusHydro, Rosatom, Rosseti, etc.). Would you like to order bus ducts or busbars directly from the manufacturer?

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