Cast insulation busbars

Russian Busbar Center LLC specialises in production and supplies of busbars and bus ducts as well as gas-insulated lines. The company's customers are offered a wide range of equipment. This website section provides information on phase-insulated and factory-assembled cast resin busbars. They are used for installation of electrical connections in DC or three-phase AC systems.

This equipment strongly sought for in a variety of industries, including power generation, is used as follows:


Design features of cast resin busbars

The materials for cast resin busbars include electrical copper and aluminium. Busbar insulation is based on epoxy compound which is applied to the bus in one way or another, depending on the busbar type. Cast resin insulation is highly reliable and has excellent performance characteristics providing considerable reduction of the system dimensions and weight. This is particularly relevant in confined space conditions during the reconstruciton of the existing substations and enterprises with the requirement to expand the transmission capacity of current-flow lines.

Cast resin busbars is a practically unattended system with the minimum service life of 40–50 years. If you order this equipment, the non-recurrent financial costs will be paid off within several years of its operation due to the economy in utility procedures and electric power losses.


You can order a turnkey project on beneficial terms:

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