23-02-2021 Please accept our sincere congratulations on Defender of the Fatherland Day
26-08-2020 Zavod Korpusov JSC sent a letter of gratitude to Russian Current-Conducting Wires Center company for the successful
23-07-2020 Russian Current-Conducting Wires Center takes an active part in the creation of a new industrial park in the Stavropol Territory
30-04-2020 The successful trial run of the turbine unit was performed at the new CHPP Sovetskaya Gavan
12-03-2020 Fosagro Company is actively working to increase fertiliser production capacity at the Volkhov branch of Apatit JSC
12-03-2020 The company actively develops production and supplies of bus ducts with polymeric insulation of EFIBAR series
28-01-2020 The company implemented a major project to upgrade its thermal power plant in Norilsk — “Reconstruction of Norilsk CHPP-2”
28-09-2019 Modern bus ducts with polymeric insulation of EFIBAR series consisting of non-combustible materials (halogen-free) are installed
09-09-2019 Electrical equipment is manufactured and mounted for Pavlodar Distribution Electrical Network Company JSC: 10 kV complete closed air-insulated current-conducting wires of TZK type
22-07-2019 Scope for delivery of the busbar: Verkhnebalkarskaya small scale Hydropower Plant (PJSC Rushydro)
13-06-2019 The total scope of busbar supply was over 30 linear meters
30-05-2019 The total scope of busbar supply was over 3,000 linear meters
01-10-2018 Uralchem is actively involved in the renovation and reconstruction of its workshops
26-06-2018 The busbar was installed at a height of 11 meters under the roof of the building
26-02-2016 In the northern area of Saint Petersburg the construction of the first Russian private hospital center of proton therapy
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