generator voltage TENE busbars

Russian Busbar Center LLC offers phase-insulated generator voltage busbars with air insulation. We sell our own manufactured products of premium quality. The engineering potential allows us to create highly reliable unique technical solutions. Our plant has been producting TENE busbars for more than 50 years. Our customers purchase ultra-high quality products at favourable prices.

TENE busbars are often used at a variety of power engineering, industrial, agricultral and transportation facilities, etc. These products are manufactured in accordance with the normative standards of Technical Specifications (TU) 3413-013-00110496-01. The busbar is completed with the required equipment and electrical appliances: disconnecting switches, voltage and current transformers, voltage suppressors, earthing switches, etc. The characteristics of the equipment used for packaged completion of TENE are listed in the specification for the supply of these busbars.

Особенности токопроводов ТЭНЕ с воздушной изоляцией


  • Provide high parameters up to 35 kV, up to 37,000 A
  • Possibility of installing a reliability improvement system
  • All-welded (sealed) construction along the entire length
  • The design provides compensation for temperature expansions over a wide range of ambient temperatures
  • Service life over 50 years


  • Capacitive discharges (sparks) in the cavities of the screens are excluded
  • Providing compensation for linear extensions
  • Fire safety


  • Easy to maintain, low maintenance and repair costs
  • Quick replacement of support insulators without disassembling the shield housings
  • Corrosion resistance


Manufacturer's prices.
Own production.
Flexible pricing system
Exclusive prices and terms of cooperation for distributors.

Calculating the cost of TENE busbars

The cost depends on the following factors:

Busbar series
Route lengths
Technical parameters
Types of busbar sections
Climatic version of the busbar
Type of attachment

All this information is obtained by our specialists in the process of individual work with the customer. On the basis of all the received data, a technical and commercial offer is formed.We suggest that you fill out the questionnaire and send it to us by email:


Figure - Rectilinear section of the buspar. a) voltage 6, 10 kV, b) voltage 20, 24, 35 kV. 1-current-carrying busbar; 2-screening casing; 3-insulator; 4-block bar
The supply of TENE busbars to the object for installation is carried out in sections of different configurations. Each section has a maximum degree of readiness. The docking is performed by arc welding. TENE busbars line are manufactured for temperate climates and the tropics.
The products are all-welded along the entire length of the route. They are characterized by electrodynamic stability and are made closed in a phase-by-phase version. The design can be provided with a boost system, which increases the reliability of TENE busbars and reduces the number of accidents. A system of individual control of the resistance parameters of the support insulators in online mode is provided
Поставка пофазноизолированных токопроводов в заводской готовности позволяет сократить трудозатраты на монтажные работы и ускорить установку. При соблюдении условий эксплуатации и монтажа комплектные токопроводы ТЭНЕ рассчитаны на длительный период безотказной работы.


Параметры Значения
Nominal voltage, kV 6; 10; 20; 24; 35
Nominal current, A 1600 – 37500
Electrodynamic resistance current, kA 128 – 1200
Thermal resistance current, kA 50 - 450
Climatic version Ukhl, T
External environment factors IP54-55
Busbar material of current lines Aluminum
Material of the current line case Aluminum