busbars with air insulation

SHZK-1.2 DC closed bus ducts with the voltage of up to 1,200 V and rated currents of 2,000, 4,000, 5,000, 6,300 A are designed to provide electrical connection of the exciters with the back-up and operating excitation panelboards of electric generators of up to 1,200 MW at power stations. Factory-assembled SHZK-1.2 bus ducts are manufactured in accordance with the Technical Specifications (TU) 3414-012-00110496-01.

SHZK-0.4 AC closed bus ducts with the voltage of 380 V, rated current of 1,600 A, frequency of 50 Hz and 60Hz and one metal casing for three phases are designed to provide electrical connection of auxiliary transformers with the power of up to 1,000 kVA with PSN panels or cabinets KTPSN-0.5 at power stations. SHZK-0.4 bus ducts are manufactured in accordance with TU 3414-011-00110496-01.

Features of SHZK busbars with air insulation

High maintainability of busbars with air insulation, the ability to quickly restore the damaged area on their own (without the need to involve the manufacturer's specialists)
Design errors and shortcomings made in the construction part can be corrected by changing the size of the current line at the installation site, the installation technology is worked out and understandable for all installation organizations
Resistance to seismic impacts up to 9 points on the MSK-64 scale


Manufacturer's prices. Own production.
Flexible pricing system and attractive delivery terms for our customers.
Exclusive prices and terms of cooperation for distributors.

Calculating the cost of SHZK busbars

The cost depends on the following factors:

Busbar series
Route lengths
Technical parameters
Types of busbar sections
Climatic version of the busbar
Type of attachment

All this information is obtained by our specialists in the process of individual work with the customer. On the basis of all the received data, a technical and commercial offer is formed.We suggest that you fill out the questionnaire and send it to us by email:

Busbar construction with air insulation

Figure - Straight section of the busbar SHZK. 1 – current-carrying bus; 2-shell (casing); 3-insulator; 4-insulator cover
Factory-assembled bus ducts are supplied for installation in separate sections of various configurations with the maximum grade of manufacture. These sections are joined and welded together through arc welding pursuant to GOST 14806 and GOST 14771.
SHZK busbars have a closed design. The SHZK-0,4 series has three channel-shaped tires, and the SHZK-1,2 series has two tires (Figure). The tires 1 are fixed to the support insulators 3 inside the shells 2 by means of special tire holders. The support insulators are attached to the covers 4, which are fixed to the casing with six bolts.


Параметры Значения
Nominal voltage, kV 0,4; 1,2
Nominal current, A 1600 – 5000
Electrodynamic resistance current, kA 51 – 128
Thermal resistance current, kA 20 - 50
Climatic version U, T
External environment factors up to IP54-55
Busbar material of current lines Aluminum
Material of the current line case Copper/Aluminum