Bus ducts: usage

Russian Busbar Center LLC manufactures and offers aluminium and copper bus ducts with various insulation types:


A bus duct is a system of insulated conduct buses encapsulated in a rigid body. The products are supplied to installation sites in sections. The usage of our bus ducts enables to arrange energy efficient power distribution and transmission in power networks with the voltage of up to 1 kV.

These products have a good track record at a variety of energy and industrial facilities in the Russian Federation, the CIS and in non-CIS countries.

RBC-Effibar bus duct is a distribution and trunk busway with a polymeric insulating layer and an aluminium body. It is used in AC/DC circuits. These products are adapted for rated currents within the range of 250–6,300 A. The rated voltage is up to 1,000 V.

Aluminium and copper bus ducts are used for building electrical power networks at commercial, administrative, industrial facilities as well as in high-rise buildings, especially if there is a need for higher electric power distribution density on the levels or between them. They are used in the conditions of stringent requirements for electric safety.

The design of RBC-Effibar bus ducts with sandwich-type insulation is an optimal technical soluton. Bus ducts are characterised by minimum voltage losses, thermal efficiency, improved short-circuit resistance and compact dimension sizes.

RBC-Betobar systems have been developed as modern multi-purpose means of safe power transmission with the maximum protective rating against external environment factors (IP68). Aluminium and copper bus ducts are used to provide electrical connections in DC and AC circuits with the frequency of 50–60 Hz and rated current of up to 6,500 A. These products are perfect for facilities with stringent requirements for safety and reliability as well as those located in aggressive or explosive environments around installation sites such as industrial enterprises, electric power stations, oil and gas facilities, hydroelectric power stations, and when installed outdoors, etc.

The aluminium and copper RBC-Metabar bus ducts listed in our catalogue are provided with a multi-layer polymeric insulation and are used at a variety of infrastructure facilities. They have steel body with paint coating.


Factory-assembled closed air insulated bus ducts SHZK-MESHCH are used for electrical connections of the exciters and the back-up and operating excitation panelboards of electric generators of up to 1,200 MW. Some sections have various configurations and the maximum grade of manufacture.


Do you need a bus duct? These products are available in Moscow and St Petersburg at low prices. You can also order our price list and select the products with the specifications that you need from our catalogue.

The cost of a polymeric insulated bus duct starts from 4,980 RUR/m.

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