Busbars directly supplied by manufacturer

Russian Busbar Center LLC produces bus ducts and busbars of various designs. Our products are manufactured using high-accuracy state-of-the-art equipment. The local manufacturing in the Russian Federation enables to keep the cost of electrical equipment independent of currency fluctuations.

A busbar is an electric device used for short distance power transmission. For example, it can be used in electric power grids from power generators to step-up transformers.

Our company is a thriving organisation operating as a member of MOSELECTRO Group of Companies. We combine design capacities, engineering and technical operations, production of bus ducts and busbars. Our company is involved in manufacture and sales of the products of various voltage classes, bus materials and insulation types.


Rendered services:

In addition to busbars supplies we offer the following integrated solutions:

The products are manufactured using modern and advanced European equipment. The engineering and technical potential allows us to manufacture unique products with extended life cycle. Our products are in high demand in a variety of industries, such as construction, power engineering, oil and gas and transport sectors. The benefits of cooperation include a wide range of manufactured products, quality warranty maintenance, vast experience in manufacturing, 5-year warranty for the main kinds of products.


Increased power transmission volumes in the power supply systems of industrial enterprises require expansion of the grid cross sections. This, in its turn, implies gradual switch to busbars instead of cable lines. The structures are characterised by high reliability and overload capacity.

Busbars are necessary to ensure power supply for furnace installations, substations, consumer groups of chemical, metallurgical and other high electric intensity industries located along the routes. The designs of products vary by phase position, insulation type, profile and bus materials. Cast insulation products are widely popular.


There are factory-assembled or phase-insulated cast resin busbars. Also, if efficient free space is available and there are no specific reliability requirements, factory-assembled and phase-insulated products with air insulation are widely used. There are SF6 gas insulated busbars which are employed as a counterpart of high-voltage overhead lines used to transmit electric power to large cities and industrial centres. These busbars are also necessary for the installation of power transmission lines in the conditions where use of overhead and cable lines is restricted or impossible.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at +7 (495) 787-43-41 or at info@rbc-energo.ru

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