EFIBAR busbars

«Russian Busbar Center» offers EFIBAR distribution bus ducts and trunk busways at reasonable prices. These products have a reliable polymeric insulation and an aluminium body. Trunk busways and distribution bus ducts are designed for operation in DC or AC circuits with the frequency of 50–60 Hz, rated currents varying from 250 to 6,300 A and rated voltage of up to 1 kV.

Features of EFIBAR busbars with polymer insulation


  • High dynamic resistance
  • The case, consisting of 2 parts, has increased moisture / dust protection and resistance to short-circuit shock currents
  • The ability to manufacture conductors with electroplated contact zones (provides a decrease in contact resistance)
  • High dielectric characteristics are maintained throughout the entire service life
  • Exact size geometry


  • Maximum safety — halogen-free
  • The fire barrier prevents the spread of fire through walls and ceilings


  • Busbar track turning elements are more compact. Cabling requires large bending radius
  • More profitable than cable lines at high currents
  • High speed and ease of design and installation due to the modular design
  • High dielectric characteristics are maintained throughout the entire service life
  • Does not require constant maintenance

Pricing policy of the EFIBAR busbar

Manufacturer's prices.
Own production.
Flexible pricing system
and attractive delivery terms
for our customers.
Exclusive prices and terms of cooperation for distributors.

Calculating the cost of EFIBAR busbars

The cost depends on the following factors:

Case material
Route lengths
Technical parameters
Types of busbar sections
Busbar material of the current line
Type of attachment

All this information is obtained by our specialists in the process of individual work with the customer. On the basis of all the received data, a technical and commercial offer is formed.We suggest that you fill out the questionnaire and send it to us by email:

Construction of the busbar with polymer insulation

Figure - Straight section of the EFIBAR busbar
On a straight section of the busbar, a different number of power take-off sockets can be located on both sides. A maximum of 5 sockets can be installed on each side of a standard 4000 mm straight section. The customer may provide additional outlets for power take-off to expand the system in the future, when the load or busbar operation mode changes.
The design of the socket in the closed position has a degree of protection IP55. The cover protects the live parts from dust and moisture. The standard length of the straight section is 4,000 mm. The minimum length with a window is 800 mm. The minimum length L1 (the distance from the center of the socket to the axis of the connecting joint bolt) is 400 mm. The minimum distance between the centers of adjacent sockets is 570 mm.

Technical characteristics of the EFIBAR busbar

Параметры Значения
Nominal voltage, kV up to 1
Nominal current, A 160 – 6300
Electrodynamic resistance current, kA 51 – 262
Thermal resistance current, kA 20 - 120
Climatic version U, UKhL, T
External environment factors up to IP67
Busbar material of current lines Copper/Aluminum
Material of the current line case Aluminum