Cast insulation busbars

One of the areas of business of Russian Busbar Center LLC is to supply cast resin bus ducts based on epoxy compound.

The design features of cast resin busbars ensure the maximum possible protective rating of IP68. This equipment is characterised by high mechanical stability and chemical durability to any external effects. Cast resin insulation based on epoxy compound is completely fire safe.

From the design viewpoint, a cast resin busbars is a set of factory-fabricated standard sections (elements). They are connected to one another by means of special connecting modules with bolts; then the junction points are filled with compound. These products are small-sized, which makes their use extremely easy and convenient.

Cast resin busbars do not require any routine maintenance or repair works throughout the entire operating cycle. This, in its turn, provides sustainable cost reduction for utility companies and industrial enterprises.

Calculating the cost of cast insulation busbars

The cost depends on the following factors:

Route lengths
Types of busbar sections
Technical parameters

All this information is obtained by our specialists in the process of individual work with the customer. On the basis of all the received data, a technical and commercial offer is formed.We suggest that you fill out the questionnaire and send it to us by email:

Application of cast-insulated busbars

Bus ducts are used for electrical connections in DC or AC systems. They are largely used at industrial facilities and in utility companies for the following:

Oil and Gas Industry
Distribution and networks

Advantages of
busbar with cast insulation

The products are reliably protected from moisture and dust up to IP68
The insulation used in the production does not support the fire
Durable materials. Service life of more than 40 years
All products of the company have a guarantee, receiving qualified assistance from specialists