TZK busbars: usage

Catalogue "Air Isolated 0.4-35 kV Busducts"


Russian Busbar Center LLC offers factory-assembled TZK-MESHCH air insulated busbars and various types of in-house bus ducts. The cost of our products is always stable as they are manufactured in the territory of the Russian Federation. We are using mostly domestic component parts and materials. Our products are supplied as fully ready-made. This reduces the period of installation works and cuts labour costs.


Closed TZK busbars with the overall metal casing for the rated current of 4,000 A are used for electrical connections of equipment. They are widely used in the circuits of electric power stations and converter substations with switchgear cabinets. These busbars are also intended for the circuits with turbine generators and step-up transformers. In addition, TZK busbars may be used at substations of various electric power systems, at transportation, industrial infrastructure facilities, etc.

The manufacture of products is arranged in accordance with the normative standards: TU 3414-039-00110496-2012 (for models of 1–3 kW), TU 3414-010-00110496-01 (for models of 6–10 kW). The products are provided with the following equipment and electrical appliances:

The specifications and types of equipment used for completing are listed in the specification for the supply of a specific type of busbars. SPECIFICS OF TZK BUSBARS

The products are supplied to facilities in sections of various configurations and are joined through arc-welding. These busbars are designed for moderate and tropical climatic conditions, for areas with 9-score seismic intensity.

To enhance reliability and exclude any contact of single-phase circuits with the busbar casing, they are manufactured as phase-screened. This provides their improved service life rates and long failure-free operation in overloaded systems.

ADVANTAGES of tzk busbars

Present-day TZK busbars have a great number of advantages. Besides conjunctive parts, they are supplied fully welded along the entire length. Busbars with separating interphase barriers are also available on sale.

Compensation of linear expansions is ensured in dust-proof products. Rigid insulators are replaced and examined without disassembling screen cases. Support polymer insulators are integrated into the design for higher reliability.

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