Factory-assembled generator voltage busbars TENE-MESHCH and TENP-MESHCH

Catalogue "Air Isolated 0.4-35 kV Busducts"


Russian Busbar Center LLC offers phase-insulated generator voltage busbars with air insulation. We sell our own manufactured products of premium quality. The engineering potential allows us to create highly reliable unique technical solutions. Our plant has been producting TENE busbars for more than 50 years. Our customers purchase ultra-high quality products at favourable prices.


TENE-MESHCH, TENP-MESHCH phase-insulated busbars with an external compensated electromagnetic field are designed for the rated electric current of 1,600–33,000 A. These busbars are used to provide electrical connections for the following: 

Generator voltage busbars

TENE busbars are often used at a variety of power engineering, industrial, agricultral and transportation facilities, etc. These products are manufactured in accordance with the normative standards of Technical Specifications (TU) 3413-013-00110496-01. The busbar is completed with the required equipment and electrical appliances: disconnecting switches, voltage and current transformers, voltage suppressors, earthing switches, etc. The characteristics of the equipment used for packaged completion of TENE are listed in the specification for the supply of these busbars.


Phase-screened busbars are supplied to a facility for installation with sections of various configurations. Each section has the maximum degree of readiness. The interface is provided by arc-welding. Phase-screened busbars are manufactured for moderate and tropical climatic conditions.

These products are fully welded along the entire route length. They are characterised by electrodynamic stability and manufactured closed and single-phased. The design may include an air pressurisation system which enhances the reliability of a phase-screened busbar and therefore reduces the number of accidents. There is also an individual monitoring system for the resistance parameters of rigid insulators in online mode.

The supplies of ready-to-use phase-insulated busbars allow to cut labour costs for assembly works and accelerate installation. Subject to the compliance with the operating and installation conditions, TENE factory-assembled busbars are designed for long failure-free operation.

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