RBC-ISOBUS mr cast insulation busbars


A phase-insulated RBC-ISOBUS MR busbar is an optimal solution to ensure electrical connections for electrical equipment in three-phase 50–60 Hz AC circuits, with the rated voltage of up to 52 kV and the rated current of up to 7,000 A for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Field of application

Phase-insulated RBC-ISOBUS MR busbars are used to connect generator leads in such circuits as transformer – switchgear, switchgear – switchgear, automatic circuit breaker – cable line, and others.

Phase-insulated RBC-ISOBUS MR busbars are easily connected to any type of electrical equipment: generator, transformer, switchgear terminals (including those with SF6 insulation) and cable connections. If required, junction points can be insulated with special protective casings.

Design features

ERIP insulation is used in phase-insulated RBC-ISOBUS MR busbars (insulation based on epoxy impregnated paper). This insulation consists of the following:

This structure is impregnated with epoxy resin under vacuum with the given autoclave thermal conditions. Aluminium rods or pipes are used as electrical conductors.

Coupling boxes with flexible bus-type compensators are used to connect sections to each other.

The design features, manufacturing technology and quality installation of the equipment guarantee its trouble-free operation according to the "set and forget" principle, throughout decades.

Main advantages:

Space and time saving during installation:

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