High-voltage sf6 gas insulated busbars (GIL)

High-voltage SF6 gas insulated busbars is the most advanced and innovative solution in the area of busbar systems for electric power industry.

Busbars GIL are intended for power transmission with the voltage varying from 110 kV to 1,200 kV, rated current of up to 8,000 A. The first GIL systems were manufactured in 1972. Over 156 km of these busbars are currently used worldwide.

Despite the fact that they have a rich and successful international history, Russia is only starting to use gas-insulated lines intensively.

Russian Busbar Center introduces the product of the world's leading GIL manufacturer, CGIT AZZ Incorporated, USA.

Field of application:

Main advantages of GIL AZZ, CGIT series

GIL busbars is a reliable and compact alternative solution as compared with cable and overhead power transmission lines. Effective screening of electrical and magnetic fields minimise the requirements for land allocation areas and ensure much safer operating conditions than regular cable systems.

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