RBC-EFFIBAR distribution bus ducts and trunk busways

Presentation "Trunk Line and Distribution Busbars RBC-Effibar"


Russian Busbar Center LLC offers RBC-Effibar distribution bus ducts and trunk busways at reasonable prices. These products have a reliable polymeric insulation and an aluminium body. Trunk busways and distribution bus ducts are designed for operation in DC or AC circuits with the frequency of 50–60 Hz, rated currents varying from 250 to 6,300 A and rated voltage of up to 1 kV.


Bus ducts are used for construction of electrical power networks at commercial, industrial, administrative facilities. They are also used in high-rise buildings to ensure power distribution density on the levels and between them. Distribution bus ducts and trunk busways are indispensable in buildings with particularly rigid requirements for electric safety.

The design of sandwich-type RBC-Effibar is a well-balanced technical solution ensuring the maximum reliability in this industry.

The expanisve field of application of distribution bus ducts and trunk busways results from their user-friendliness unlike cable systems. They enable quick re-arrangement of electrical supply networks when changing (expanding) manufacturing processes. Aluminium and copper bus ducts are low voltage (up to 1 kV) devices stretching along the entire length. Their capabilities with regard to the number and selection of branch sites are practically unlimited.


Aluminium and copper distribution bus ducts ensure availabilty of fixed points used to connect power take-off assemblies for various rated currents along the entire route. Such possibility is ensured by the availability of plug connectors (power take-off sockets). No special preparation of junction points is required as power take-off sockets are provided by the manufacturer. Therefore, connection/disconnection may be performed without de-energising the products.



The cost of a polymeric insulated bus duct starts from 4,980 RUR/m.

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