RBC-betobar lv cast insulation bus ducts


Russian Busbar Center LLC specialises in production and supplies of various bus ducts, including cast resin bus ducts. We supply our products of various voltage rating and offer a variety of integrated solutions: automatic voltage control stations, packaged transformer substations, closed/open switchgear.


Cast insulation bus ducts is a cutting-edge solution for electric power transportation and distribution. While Europe has a long successful experience of using these bus ducts, Russia is only starting to use them intensively. The product line contains medium-voltage and low-voltage busbars and bus ducts which are labelled as RBC-Betobar MV and RBC-Betobar LV. We guarantee excellent quality and competitive cost of these products as compared with their counterparts.


Cast resin bus duct systems are modern multi-purpose means of safe power transmission. These products are designed for electrical connections in circuits of up to 1 kV. They are designed for the rated current of 6,300 A and the working frequency of 50–60 Hz. These products are intended for industrial installations, large buildings, distribution substations as well as facilities with stringent fire safety requirements and explosive environments at bus duct installation sites. Epoxy compound insulation ensures the maximum protective rating of IP68 for RBC-Betobar LV bus ducts.

Cast resin bus ducts are used for the following:


The system is a set of factory-fabricated elements (sections). In-situ assembly of bus ducts is provided. Their sections are inteconnected with special connecting joints with bolt tightening; then the junction points are filled with compound. The compact sizes and wide range of elements ensure technical convenience of designing the LV-system. These products may be manufactured with copper or aluminium conductors, either single or double (depending on the rated current), with various numbers of conduct buses, as determined by the selected power supply diagram. In case of outdoor installation, cast resin bus ducts do not require additional protective screens.

Betobar Advantages

The low-maintenance equipment of this brand does not require any routine or scheduled current overhaul repairs throughout the operating cycle. Direct supplies from the plant are performed in assembly units (sections, installation units) and are ready-to-operate. This speeds up installation operations and cuts total labour costs.


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