Assembly of cast resin rbc-betobar at 220/20/10 kv substation "kozhevnicheskaya" of pjsc moesk is close to finish

21 Октябрь 2015

In the course of reconstruction of substation "Kozhevnicheskaya" and in Moscow in order to connect transformers to switchgear cabinets manufactured by Moselectroshield plant four routes of cast resin RBC-Betobar MV busbars were supplied, complete with adapter boxes with the rated voltage of 10 kV, rated current of 4000 A and total length of 98 meters. At present the equipment assembly is at the phase of completion.

RBC-Betobar busbars are an unmanned system with life service of 40 years at the very least. One should undoubtedly take this fact into account while choosing the required type of equipment.

Russian Busbar Center is ready to perform analysis of project engineering specifications and suggest an optimal solution of the set task using this or that type of equipment.

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