Activity expanding

20 Декабрь 2013

Russian Busbar Center (RBC) announced its intention to expand its field of activity to the federal level. The Company will be developing one of the most promising product segments – busbar systems of all kinds, all the existing types of insulation, – as well as engineering innovative solutions in this field and rendering full complex of services for this product. 

The company was established in 2012 for the purpose of providing the full complex of services in the segment of busbars and client service optimization, as well as manufacture localization and further development to comply with the international standards. RBC offers its customers all kinds of product available at the busbar market, as well as services on busbar systems – design, assembly, commissioning and start-up, maintenance. Moreover, it fulfils "Retrofit" program – replacement and upgrade of outdated busbar systems. At present RBC actively creates a network of service centers in the regions.

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