Package solutions for data centers by russian busbar center

08 Февраль 2016

In order to increase the capacity of one of the biggest and most modern data centers of the North-West of Russia (SDN Data Center) Russian Busbar Center will perform a complex of works including design, manufacture, supply and assembly on turnkey basis of RBC-Effibar and RBC-Betobar-r busbars at the facility.

The busbars are used for organization of failure-free and reliable power supply of the data center equipment. The busbar routes run outdoors as well as indoors. In this case using RBC-Betobar-r cast resin busbars with protection index of IP68 would be the most reliable solution.

The SDN Data Center Project demonstrates the capability of Russian Busbar Center to successfully fulfil a complex set of tasks and offer a customer a turnkey basis solution complying with all the client's requirements.

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