Development and design

Russian Busbar Center renders the full range of services related to the selection of a required type and assessment of a required volume of equipment as part of specific design and development of the technical documentation for its production.

At the initial stage, upon receiving a request, information required for the project design preparation and implementation is collected.

Our specialists analyze the technical design assignment (TDA); if possible, they perform the dimensional survey of the construction units of buildings and other structures. The obtained results are then compared with the design data from the TDA and, if necessary and as agreed upon with the customer, they may be included in the design. As a result, the customer is provided with an accurate TDA and project costs.

On the basis of the obtained information and using various software (AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS, Microsoft Office and others), the engineering and design team develops a detailed design documentation (routing drawings in 2D and 3D, specifications).

The design stage implies layout of the routing by sections with the development of bus ducts mounting assemblies to the building structures along with connection assemblies to the equipment. Moreover, detailed specifications are drawn up for component parts and materials.

On the basis of the design, additional adapter boxes may be developed and supplied to ensure protection of equipment connection assemblies along with additional bus arrangement if standard connection becomes impossible, etc.

After development, all drawings are forwarded to the customer for final approval and production startup. Along with the equipment, the supply includes a complete package of documentation with general view drawings of the routing, installation and operation manuals and procedures, passport, certificates, etc. stipulated by the Agreement.

The in-depth design analysis at the initial stage ensures high design accuracy and finally makes it possible to provide equipment supply and installation without any additional in-situ modifications or back orders for any additional parts, therefore saving the customer's time and money.

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