Bus duct design and installation

The practical and well-priced bus duct is currently replacing cable support structures. Its main advantages include neat appearance, prompt installation, operating time efficiency, fire safety.

A bus duct is a system of insulated conductors that consists of conduct buses divided by interspaces and supported by insulating material. This device looks like a ready-to-operate structure in a rigid body with all mountings and required accessories provided.

The purpose of installation works is to mount the structure on a pre-arranged platform placing the shields and switchgears with further connection to the electrical power network.

Russian Busbar Center produces electrical equipment for electric power transmission and distribution. We design and install bus ducts in the Russian Federation, the CIS and non-CIS countries. As the manufacturer of these systems, we can guarantee the following:

Design specifics

  1. Electrical power networks with bus ducts are designed within a short span of time due to the linear structure of the networks.
  2. It is always easier to expand and modernise the route by adding the required sections in it.
  3. The design of bus ducts must be accompanied with precise line positioning to the reference objects and allocation of sections, what simplifies installation works.

Installation stages

  1. Performance of preliminary works: mark-up, hole punching, mount attachment.
  2. Fastening support structures on the route (floor-mounted racks, mounting brackets).
  3. Layout of bus coils.
  4. Bus extension.
  5. Lifting and pulling between bus trunk sections using cable hoists.
  6. Fastening buses on rigid insulators and tensioners.
  7. Start-up and pre-commissioning operations.

The assembly and installation kit consists of special mounting assemblies (support racks, suspension supports, mounting brackets). All operations are performed using bolt-type and welded connections.

Installation cost

The bus ducts installation cost is quite reasonable since operations are rapidly performed by a small number of employees. By all parameters, a bus duct is the best alternative for cable products. Use of bus ducts enables to cut further maintenance costs for the system.

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