Warranty and aftersales service maintenance

Russian Busbar Center renders warranty and aftersales maintenance services for installed equipment.

If an accident occurs with the equipment supplied, assembled and installed under our supervision during the warranty period, we guarantee the arrival of our specialists at an emergency facility as soon as practicable in order to determine the cause of this accident, remediate and eliminate all failures.

Depending on the degree of damage, temporary repairs may be performed with further replenishment of out-of-service components.

As our experience shows, the majority of accidents related to busbars and bus ducts at energy facilities result from failure to comply with the operating manuals and gross violations of the equipment installation procedures. For that reason, during the implementation of each stage of our project, the specialists of Russian Busbar Center monitor the adequacy of the equipment installation at the facility.

Our company renders aftersales maintenance services for installed busbars and bus ducts, what allows us to detect possible failures at the initial stage in order to avoid accidents or emergency situations in the future. After examining the route, we will prepare and submit the final report containing guidelines for further operation.

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